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coverage, sheryl and mary ann, but we begin with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the latest conditions from our weather center. >> the rainfall totals are unleel. that's what we'll see heading into the weekend's storm system, another round of had heavier rain and also gusty winds. right now most of the activity has pushed off to the south and also to the east so that's good news. some of our kreekz, rivers and streams are going to be able to relax at least a
. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: lunchtime at bell jeff high school outside of los angeles. and everyone, it seems, has some sort of mobile device. but the government says most of the mobile apps kids download these days also target them. kids like giovanni gabb. >> i have probably, like, 12, 13 apps on my iphone. >> reporter: he is there a good chance some of his apps are among those the federal government says regularly collect data on kids without disclosing it. and that's not okay with his parents. >> i feel that we should have the information up front. let us know what we're getting into and what our kids are getting into that we could protect them, protect ourselves and know exactly when you apply or buy these applications, you know your kids are going to be safe. >> reporter: but the government says only 20% of the apps reviewed by the ftc do disclose their privacy practices, while nearly 60% are transmitting information about the user's device back to the app developer or an advertiser. the ftc is warning that third parties, including advertisers, could use that inf
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)